A personal review of a republican debate

Education Abortion During the debate, the candidates responded to questions directly from people on Facebook, including Facebook Video submissions. This was the result of a month-long, call-to-action campaign that generated nearly six million views and received more than 40, responses. These videos and posts elicited powerful, personal responses that were incorporated directly into questions from the moderators.

A personal review of a republican debate

Political observers say a key factor in deciding the outcome of Montana's high-profile Senate race will be whether independent women who voted for Donald Trump in stick with the president and support Republican Senate candidate Matt Rosendale this year. Democratic leaders and advocacy groups say women are highly motivated to vote in the Nov.

Jon Tester went on the attack Saturday against Republican candidate Matt Rosendale as the Montana Democrat fights to keep his seat in a tightening Senate race.

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Tester is one of 10 Senate Democrats seeking re-election in states won by President Donald Trump in Rosendale, the state auditor and insurance commissioner whose campaign has gotten a boost from repeated visits from Trump, responded by accusing the incumbent of selling out Montana for the interests of Senate Democratic leaders.

Department of Veterans Affairs, Ronny Jackson. Trump vowed then that Tester would pay at the polls, and he and his surrogates have since visited Montana six times in support of Rosendale.

On Saturday, the Trump campaign announced the president would be holding his third rally in Montana in support of Rosendale on Thursday. The debate was the second meeting between Tester and Rosendale, and it illustrated how chippy the campaign has become.

The sharpest exchange between the two men came when they were questioned about television ads that illustrate the negative tone that has come to dominate the campaign: Tester accused Rosendale of wanting to sell off public lands, kick people with pre-existing conditions off health care, privatize public schools and add dark money to the political system.

Tester was one of 60 people in the member Senate to vote to pass the Affordable Care Act inand the bill needed 60 votes to avoid a Republican filibuster.

Tester says he is for securing the southern U. Rosendale once supported selling land owned by the federal government, but he no longer does. He said nobody has ever seen a negative ad by a Libertarian.Jan 28,  · If Romney wins the Republican nomination for president, many will look back on this debate and say this was the night when Romney's victory was sealed.

Time and again, Romney engaged in one-on-one exchanges with Gingrich. Search National Review. Search Text That’s bad news for endangered incumbent Republican Dean Heller in Nevada and bad news for Democrats Bill Nelson in Florida, Joe Donnelly in Indiana.

On Wednesday night, the top 11 Republican presidential candidates gathered at the Reagan National Library for a second debate – while a good portion of the three hour debate focused on front.

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Mar 04,  · The Times reporter Nick Corasaniti discusses key moments from the Republican presidential debate on Thursday in Detroit, as the field of candidates narrowed to a four-man race. Simply put, he "failed to turn in the type of performance that would soothe the fears of his nervous-and-getting-more-so backers inside the Republican Party," writes Josh Voorhees at Slate.

A personal review of a republican debate

The debate presented an opportunity for both Cruz and O'Rourke to show off their considerable debating skills, while landing a few hits against their opponent.

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