A reflection of my last urban safari

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A reflection of my last urban safari

Seattle attorney and writer Why the 'Sit-able City' Is the Next Big Idea A greater focus on the sit-able is an invitation to rich discussion and ready illustration based on human tradition.

Mind you, I don't want to upset the gurus and nabobs of urbanism. And it's time for the next big focal point and the next big idea, The Sit-able City.


Why would this shift lead to an enhanced understanding of place? The sit-able realm is a place of human universals, broader than the walking that transports us there or passes through. And the sit-able is about far more than street furniture and sidewalk dining, pop-up urbanism and Parking Day.

Frequently, the public dialogue debates who sits where, and why.

A reflection of my last urban safari

A new focus on the "sit-able" spaces in the public realm sounds more like cultivating couch potatoes than great cities. But consider the purposeful, contemporary images shown here. Sitting, in order to rest, converse, beg and sell is what people have always done, and captures a major part of urban life.

In summary, a greater focus on the sit-able is an invitation to rich discussion and ready illustration based on human tradition.

The sit-able is where those walking home meet the homeless. It embraces parks and park users, places to read and those benches where we offer a place to rest to someone who has a better reason to sit down than you, or me.

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A focus on "sit-abilty" could be a game-changer, and encourage a richer conversation about why, ironically, we sometimes have second thoughts about a rest stop in the reinvented, walkable cities of today. Click on the image for more detail.

This article first appeared in similar form in myurbanist.My new book The Sartorialist: Closer is almost ready to ship, so I wanted to give a few of my readers a chance to get it.

Fire at Woburn Safari Park kills 13 monkeys Faulty generator is blamed for Woburn Safari Park blaze which killed entire colony of 13 Patas monkeys when roof enclosure. May 27,  · The following are reflections from my recent visit to China.

China – A Serious Gender Imbalance The population in china continues to grow despite regulations limiting the number of children allowed per couple. Of even greater concern is the gender imbalance that has developed as a result of this legislation.

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The last census revealed that [ ]. Spatiotemporal Analysis of Human Mobility in Manila Metropolitan Area with Person-Trip Data. When considering the consistency from data process, urban function can be seen as a reflection of. Aug 20,  · I was once asked if, in all my wanderings, I had ever found the precise place where the sidewalk ends.

And yes, I have.

A reflection of my last urban safari

The sidewalk ends again and again, and it’s always the same spot, always the same exhausting exhumation of bodies, and always with the same blind gleam in the reflection of windows. List of largest California cities by population This is a list of the largest cities in the U.S.

State of California ranked by population, based on estimates for July 1, by the United States Census Bureau.[1] Note: The population figures are for the incorporated areas of the listed cities, as opposed to metropolitan areas, urban areas, or counties.

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