A study on beximco pharmaceuticals limited essay

Market Research is necessary for marketing any type of sense about the market and which saves the time, resource, wastage of energy and money. Market Research helps to know about the condition of existing product, helps to set the further steps, helps to achieve the objectives and target of the company which is set by the top management, helps to know the condition of the competitors, market share and market growth rate etc. It also helps to identify that product which one needs a large promotion to increase its sales in volume. MRC Department divided the whole country into 20 zones to make the research work effectively and accurately.

A study on beximco pharmaceuticals limited essay

It includes selection of new product design of new product Introduction of the product to the market and others 3. It is concerned with the following: The production planning and Raw material procurement.

Inventory Planning Based on sales forecast from the CPM planning department breaks up the yearly sales forecast to monthly basis and develop the planning of production, purchase and stock maintenance.

It also initiates the negotiation of purchase. Planning department try to ensure buffer stock of three months of all the raw materials to meet any untoward events or circumstances in market.

Apart from purchasing it keeps the record for tracking the costs of the company. This department works in coordination with planning department for negotiation and price fixing.

It sets the forecast in coordination with marketing department and upon fixation of the sales it is the responsibility of the sales department to realize the yearly sales volume forecasted.

Medical representatives are farthest unit of the organization. They are to generate demand for products. They are trained before sent for field.

This training is necessary to improve the quality of job-related function. The curriculum of training varies from group to group. The department basically offers 4 types of training programs: It supports the hardware and network of the company and the factory. It maintains the automation regularly and keeps the pace with the global IT.

The MIS department also maintains the radio-link between the factory and the head-office. Though separately dealt before, recently software department has been incorporated with MIS department. This software section is to work for developing software solutions as per organizational requirements.

The facilities of MIS department are available round the clock for 24 hours. Human resource department is the most important department in any organization. Beximco Pharma is not an exceptional one. The Human Resource Dept. All of the staffs of human resource dept.

Recruitment of new employees by proper methods. Training of the employees for increasing their efficiency.The main objective of this report is to analysis Marketing Research on Beximco Pharmaceuticals.

analysis Beximco Pharmaceuticals limited. OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY. Dear Madam, We are pleased to submit herewith our group report entitled as Organizational commitment and Job performance on Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd and ACI Pharmaceuticals Ltd requirements for partial fulfillment of the course MGT This report is a summary of our findings from two Pharmaceuticals Organization in Bangladesh.

Medicine is directly related to human life and therefore, its manufacturers have immense social responsibility of providing safe and effective medicine, demanding uncompromising efforts, at all. History: Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a leading edge pharmaceutical company.

It is situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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A study on beximco pharmaceuticals limited essay

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A study on Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited ;. Read this essay on A Study on Pharmaceutical Industry of Bangladesh from the Perspective of Corporate Finance (Company Under Research: Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd & Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd).

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