Ap euro world war ii essays

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Ap euro world war ii essays

Describe the conditions in Europe after World War II Sample Answer Europe was physically devastated by the war; its cities were destroyed, refugees numbered in the tens of millions, and its infrastructure was inoperative.

Ap euro world war ii essays

There were shortages of food, shelter, and fuel; and brutality by occupying armies was widespread, particularly in the areas controlled by the Soviet Union. Refugees faced hostility and violence as they competed for scarce resources, and Jews in particular endured further suffering, confronted by anti-Semitism and violence, especially in eastern Europe.

On the other hand, the defeat of Nazism inspired an upsurge of hope, a revival of religious feeling, and a new commitment to humanitarian goals. Sample Answer After the war, the United States was the richest country in the world.

It had amassed great wealth during the war and its strong economy was characterized by continued industrial and military research, a wave of suburban housing development, strong consumer spending, and a "baby boom" all symbols of its singular prosperity.

The United States also began to embrace its role as a global leader, shedding much of its prewar tendency toward isolationism and assuming a leading role in shaping the postwar world. What were the origins of the cold war? Stalin perceived his country threatened by the West and its anti-Communist policies and believed that the USSR required a permanent "buffer zone" of loyal, Communist, European states as a blockade against a Western menace.

Similarly, the United States perceived Soviet efforts to occupy eastern Europe as the heralding of a new era of Communist expansion, an attempt at world domination. Why was it not entirely successful? Sample Answer "Denazification" refers to the systematic process by which occupying Allied armies and resistance fighters removed former Nazi officers and Nazi collaborators from positions of influence and forcing German civilians to own up to Nazi atrocities.

Members of the resistance did not wait for courtroom justice but executed tens of thousands of Nazi officers and collaborators on the spot. Allied representatives, on the other hand, conducted numerous investigations in order to identify collaborators.

However, denazification was not entirely successful. Some of the leaders most responsible for war crimes managed to escape detection. German civilians interpreted the trials of Nazis as the characteristic retribution of victors rather than the well-deserved punishment of the guilty, and also believed that the real victims were the German prisoners of war still being held in Soviet camps.

Sample Answer The influx of American dollars under the Marshall Plan combined with determined rebuilding efforts by Europe saw the deprivation and misery of the late forties transformed into astonishing economic growth during the s.

Marshall Plan sustained the initial recovery with American financing; food and consumer goods became more plentiful. The demand for automobiles, washing machines, and vacuum cleaners boosted economies, and growth in all types of production eradicated most unemployment.

Recovery was also assisted by international economic cooperation such as the formation of the International Monetary Fund to stabilize the international economy, and the formation of the European Economic Community EEC, also known as the Common Marketwhich reduced tariffs on trade between several European countries and began taking steps toward European economic integration.

How did the Soviet Union reshape eastern European states? Sample Answer In eastern Europe after the war, Stalin reshaped the economy using the same methods he had employed to industrialize the Soviet Union in the s.

Agriculture was forcibly collectivized, private property was nationalized, and a series of centrally planned economic directives pushed Soviet industry throughout the eastern bloc to match U.

Repression accompanied the drive for modernization: During the war, Allied imperial powers relied heavily on Asian and African troops and encouraged anti-Axis independence movements. Now, at the close of the war, the European powers were unable to maintain their vast empires or their global influence.

The exposure of colonized peoples to European barbarism led to doubts about purported European superiority.

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The mass discontent that had intensified during the war was mobilized and foreign rulers driven out. How did the cold war affect the process of decolonization?

Sample Answer In the cold war, as countries in Asia and Africa achieved their independence, they were subjected to superpower rivalry.AP Euro Final Review. Search this site.

Unit 1) Renaissance, Reformation, and Age of Exploration such as Austria, parts of Ruhr, Czechoslovakia and Poland. Annexation of Poland, though, started World War II, because Great Britain and France told Hitler on numerous occasions that Hitler should stop doing this.

Essays in this category. Mr. Dunbar AP European History Chapter World War II Outline Chapter Overview • The origins of World War II • The course of the war • Racism and the Holocaust • The impact of the war on the people of Europe • Relationships among the victorious allies and the preparations for peace Section One: Again the Road to War • Section Overview o German discontent over economic depression.

Ap euro; 5 stars 9 hours, first. Darwinism and classroom-tested lesson as one of world war 2 veterans. Evils of the second world war ii i, international essay was in.

European civilization than ever broadcast of endless warnings and on columbus in the first world war ii. 2 . Sep 03,  · John Green teaches you the history of the world in 42 episodes! Short Answer Questions for AP History Classes , the AP (Advanced Placement) U.S.

History (APUSH) exam will undergo a redesign in the format of the test. AP European History (APEH) will do the same the following year (), and AP World History (APWH or WHAP) will align to the new format in 1. Identify and discuss the three most significant factors leading to the outbreak of World War I.

2. Investigate and discuss the ‘war readiness’ and military strengths and weaknesses of .

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