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Johnson stated that the aim of the Vietnam War was to secure an "independent, non-Communist South Vietnam ", a January memorandum by Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara stated that an underlying justification was "not to help a friend, but to contain China". The memorandum begins by disclosing the rationale behind the bombing of North Vietnam in February The February decision to bomb North Vietnam and the July approval of Phase I deployments make sense only if they are in support of a long-run United States policy to contain China. China—like Germany inlike Germany in the West and Japan in the East in the late 30s, and like the USSR in —looms as a major power threatening to undercut our importance and effectiveness in the world and, more remotely but more menacingly, to organize all of Asia against us.

Arguement essay pentagon

History of women in the U. Selective Service is the first direct contact with the military many civilians have She asks: If it's reserved for men, what message does this send about gender equity?

Her latest book is "Italian Fascism's Empire Cinema. Yes, argued Marine Corps Gen. Neller and Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley in a recent Senate hearing. But Ted Cruz called the idea " nuts ," seeing it as an example of foolhardy "political correctness. There are currently no plans to revive the draft.

Yet the idea of women registering for potential military service can be unsettling to people who otherwise support the idea of gender equity.

Arguement essay pentagon

First, the legal grounds for their exclusion from Selective Service are no longer valid. With women cleared for combat roles, the U.

Supreme Court ruling on the subject will not hold for long. The Department of Defense Direct Ground Combat Definition and Assignment Rule, which did not permit women to be assigned to units below brigade level that had combat as their primary mission, has been rescinded since January Read More Law often lags behind changes in society and culture, as we have seen most recently with legislation regarding same-sex marriage: Let's correct this case as well.

Second, the military for which women would be registering is now a more equitable institution.

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Women shoulder similar burdens to men throughout the military bureaucracy. That's one reason the Navy and the Marine Corps are now reviewing job titles to consider making them gender-neutral although the Air Force decided against such a review, and it is as yet unknown what the Army will do.

Why Hillary Clinton's gender matters Third, many women have been de facto involved in combat situations even though they were officially banned from combat.

It's important to regularize this situation. The women who joined Special Operations troops in the field in Afghanistan in had this ambiguous status. Army Command but had no formal military designation.

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This meant that although 40 of them died, they were only recognized as veterans inand by the time they were among the women honored in with Congressional Gold Medals some of them had passed on. Selective Service is the first direct contact with the military many civilians have -- and the only one most will ever have.

If it's reserved only for men, what message does this send about gender equity?A polygon is a closed figure composed of line segments that meet at endpoints.

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Aug 03,  · The study estimated that 2, active-duty members were transgender, predicted that around 65 would seek to transition each year, and estimated that the cost to the Pentagon .

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Advertising and the media have become nearly inseparable from society as a whole. Essays written on these topics can include various angles. And if you’d like a few more argument essay tips, take a . Feb 10,  · Selective Service is the first direct contact with the military many civilians have. If it's reserved for men, what message does this send about gender equity?

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