Chalkboard writing animation scripts

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Chalkboard writing animation scripts

The in- structor writes on the screen using a special stylus and the software emulates a classical chalkboard. The lecturer can paste images to the board, can send queries to remote web services, can activate a computer algebra system, and can paste interactive Java Applets on the board.

The lecture is also transmitted live over the Internet and can be synchronized with teleconferenc- ing systems for student feedback.

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The E-Chalk architecture is based on the metaphor of the clas- sical chalkboard, enhanced by intelligent assistants running in the background. One assistant takes care of interpreting the handwrit- ten input of the user. Another is a mathematical formula recognizer which processes handwritten queries for the algebraic server.

A cir- cuit simulator recognizes sketches of digital circuits and runs a sim- ulation.

chalkboard writing animation scripts

An algorithm simulator accepts sketches of graphs as input data and runs graph algorithms, animating them on the screen. E-Chalk is being used in our electronic classroom containing a 6 meter long by 1. Categories and Subject Descriptors K.

Keywords Multimedia Educational System, Distance Learning, Digital Ink, Intelligent Agents, Handwriting Recognition, Presentation, Telep- resence When we started the E-Chalk project, our motivation was to re- place the traditional chalkboard with a modern alternative based on large computer screens [14].

For the last few years, pen comput- ing in the small that is, PDAs has been evolving in parallel with pen computing in the large contact sensitive whiteboards, plasma screens, rear projection systems. We foresee a moment, in the not so distant future, when large display systems will be available at a fraction of their current cost and will replace traditional black- boards at universities and schools.

One important issue is the design of the human-computer interface for such large computer screens, which must obviously be different from the interface for pen computing in the small, and pen comput- ing in laptops.

A picture of the electronic classroom with a data wall comprising four rear projectors. The instructor writes with a portable light pen.

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The screen is 6 meters long and 1. We imagine an instructor, present in the classroom, delivering his or her lecture to interested students also physically present.

The tra- ditional chalkboard has several advantages for this kind of interac- tive teaching which has allowed it to survive despite the onslaught of PowerPoint based presentations, very popular at the moment in many universities.

One principal advantage of a chalkboard is that it slows the instructor, since diagrams or formulas have to be drawn.

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Teaching with a chalkboard is like thinking aloud, making clear for the students all the different steps involved in a proof or in the con- struction of a diagram.

Our scenario is therefore a professor, present in the classroom, interacting with the students and adjusting the speed of the lecture to their questions and comprehension. The lecturer is provided with the most advanced technology: The lecturer is not alone: Our hand- writing recognizer agent, for example, is started whenever the in- structor selects a color reserved for it.Easy Chalkboard Lettering for the Beautiful Handwriting-Impaired Posted on November 6, by Julie When I made my large Pottery Barn knock-off chalkboard and my small chalkboard easel I was excited about the prospect of being able to update them with greetings, poems and sayings for each season.

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