Computerized identification system

The term includes criminal identification activities and the collection, storage, and dissemination of criminal history record information. A a charge that, after the arrest of the offender, the prosecutor declines to include in an information or present to a grand jury; or B an information or indictment that, after the arrest of the offender, the prosecutor refuses to prosecute.

Computerized identification system

Child abuse and neglect: Existing law allows the Office of Child Abuse Prevention to fund, through allocations provided to local counties, child abuse and neglect prevention and intervention programs.

Existing law provides the criteria under which a county selects agency projects and services to be funded under these provisions, including giving priority to private, nonprofit agencies.

Computerized identification system

Existing law authorizes a county to establish a computerized database system within the county to allow designated provider agencies, which include schools, among other entities, to share identifying information regarding families at risk for child abuse or neglect for the purpose of forming multidisciplinary personnel teams for the prevention, identification, management, or treatment of child abuse or neglect or to provide child welfare services.

Existing law makes this information confidential and accessible only to authorized persons.

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This bill would authorize the Counties of Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and San Mateo to jointly establish a computerized database system to be used between and among those counties, and would authorize that system to also share specified identifying information regarding families at risk for child abuse or neglect for research purposes.

The bill would authorize the sharing of personal identifying information for research purposes only upon approval by an institutional review board. The bill would set forth various conditions for the review and approval of a research project for the purpose of protecting personal identifying information.


The bill would provide that, for purposes of this jointly established system, a provider agency also includes local educational agencies. The bill would require the counties to decommission the computerized database system if the ability to share identifying information regarding families at risk for child abuse or neglect between and among the counties and for research purposes becomes available within the statewide child welfare information system.

Members of the multidisciplinary personnel teams shall be drawn from these designated employees, or other persons, as specified in Section The heads of provider agencies shall establish a system by which unauthorized personnel cannot access the data contained in the system.

Any person knowingly and intentionally violating this subdivision shall be subject to any administrative or civil penalties set forth in the respective statutes governing the confidentiality of the records maintained by the provider agencies.

Computerized identification system

The provider agencies serving children and their families that may share information under this section shall include, but not be limited to, the following entities or service agencies:ASTM's computerized system standards are instrumental in specifying the guides and procedures for the design, implementation, and maintenance of information systems used for organizing transcribed healthcare and medical records.

problem identification and analysis of systems have evaded the analytical stage of system design to become painfully evident in the hardware stage.

Oregon State Police - CJIS Division - Law Enforcement Data Systems LEDS - Administrative Rules

This paper presents a computer program called HyPneu which can analyze a. The Nebraska Automated Fingerprint Identification System better known as AFIS is a computerized system, which provides rapid and accurate fingerprint processing and comparison.

Nebraska’s AFIS system was implemented on August 23, , with five fingerprint workstations in the state. MTEDSTATES kRTMENTOF MMERCE JLICATIONO *NrtsO» ^V NBSTECHNICALNOTE Z-Q*{octi QC\00 U.S.

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Um/IENT OF MMERCE Natl-rt, >tand,L /Identification. When a court order is received, the designated criminal history information is expunged from the North Carolina computerized criminal history files and the record is removed from the State Automated Fingerprint Identification System.

computer-based Identification System can be used in any types of gates, not only for control but also for identification. Generally in telecommunications, identification, friend or foe (IFF) is an identification system designed for command and control.

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