Dyslexia and open university

A child with dyslexia may have more difficulty than usual in reading, spelling, and concentrating. Specialist doctors and researchers are not precisely sure what causes dyslexia.

Dyslexia and open university

You are viewing information for England. Supporting students with disabilities The OU strives to make all aspects of study accessible to everyone, which is why more disabled students choose the OU than any other UK University. Last year we supported around 18, such students to achieve their study goals.

Accessibility is at the forefront of the OU's mission to be 'open to all' You may not think of yourself as disabled, but if you have: I never believed I could achieve a qualification let alone a degree.

I worked at my own pace and the support I was given throughout gave me the ability to succeed. I cannot thank the OU enough for making me achieve, what was in my eyes, unachievable.

This will ensure that you get the right level of support to make the best of your studies. Some qualifications may be more accessible than others, depending on your specific needs, but we offer a comprehensive range of services to support you: Specialist equipment If you are not eligible for funding, our lending scheme can provide you with specialist equipment or software, enabling you to study at home, in tutorials, at day schools or residential schools.

Access to tutorials and day schools We can help you with access and taking part in talking, listening, note-taking and group activities; or provide alternative arrangements if you are unable to participate.

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Tailored assessment If you're not able to sit an examination under standard conditions or you have difficulties with an assessment, we will make reasonable adjustments to suit your needs.

Residential schools support A few courses have residential schools, which can be the highlight of OU study.

Dyslexia and open university

We're committed to helping you attend and may be able to provide the support and facilities you need. You don't have to be registered disabled, and it's not age or income related.

Next steps Find out more about how the OU supports disabled students at our Disability support website.A New Jersey Reading Tutor and Spelling Tutor specializing in dyslexia.

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Certified Barton Tutor offering affordable and accurate dyslexia testing. Serving all of NJ. Structured Literacy Program. Culbertson () discusses misconceptions of dyslexia and claims that, ‚ÄúProfessional development in the area of dyslexia can help educators understand dyslexia is a problem with reading and not of intelligence‚ÄĚ (p.

4). Dyslexia affects the brain's ability to process graphic symbols, such as letters and numbers. Dyslexia can show in many ways besides an individual's ability to read, spell, or use language verbally.

ADDITIONAL NEEDS TEACHING DYSLEXIC LEARNERS. This page is introduced and overseen by Dr Margaret Crombie, formerly Support for Learning Manager and Quality Improvement Officer for Highland Council, Scotland; now Educational Consultant specialising in Dyslexia, and Associate Lecturer for the Open University.

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Labs &. Find out more about dyslexia, a learning difficulty that causes people to experience problems in learning to read and spell fluently.

Dyslexia and open university
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