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History[ edit ] Clyde Cessnaa farmer in Rago, Kansasbuilt his own aircraft and flew it in Junethe first person to do so between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains. Cessna started his wood-and-fabric aircraft ventures in Enid, Oklahomatesting many of his early planes on the salt flats.

Ga170 business plan

January 5, Being under heavy sedation due to a bad case of flu combined with a dental or periodontal infection, this observer deeply empathizes with US Secretary of State Colin L. Powell is recuperating from prostate cancer surgery and must have ingested lots of painkillers to alleviate his post-surgical discomfort.

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The question is whether he was under the influence of morphine or medical marijuana when he wrote his January 1, New York Times Op-Ed, "What We Will Do in ," for the towering views he presented looked far and apart from the situation we lowlanders see on the horizon -- undoubtedly a difference of altitude, if not attitude.

Since the piece was directed to the readers of the newspaper of record, so esteemed for its enlightened liberalism and far-reaching humanitarianism, one was not particularly surprised to read about "America's formidable power [that] must continue to be deployed on behalf of principles that are simultaneously American, but are also beyond and greater than ourselves.

But ga170 business plan is also full of opportunities, and we are resolved to seize every one of them. More brow raising was Mr. Powell's assertion that "We have saved lives and redeemed the enslaved, and we will do more in General Tommy Franks, does not do body counts, but his speechwriter could benefit from a visit to the Iraq Body Count Website.

Redeeming the enslaved did not seem to make much sense. Did he have the Palestinians at heart? Thinking further about the inappropriateness of the expression we chose to take a pass; it brought to mind the comments made by Harry Belafonte, which out of courtesy for the good secretary, and simple decency toward the descendents' memories of US slaveocracy, we will not print here.

We were glad to learn that "The Afghan people now have a constitution, a rapidly advancing market economy, and new hope as they look toward national elections.

Powell gets his daily news -- it can't be from The New York Times, for three days after the publication of those historic words, the Afghan constitutional grand council remains deadlocked, as the paper of note has been reporting before and after Mr.

ga170 business plan

Does he, like his boss, rely on the unbiased and "objective" information from his aides? Then again, had this administration not accustomed us to the malleability of factual data, the Op-Ed page editor would presumably have rectified this obviously false statement Powell had opium in mind when referring to a market economy We were encouraged by the optimism, the determination and the resolve of the secretary of state -- once a military man, always a military man.

He actually used the verb resolve no less than seven times in his 1, word compendium of all the wonderful things we can expect in this brave new year.

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We resolve to promote prosperity. We are resolved for peace. We are resolved [to transform] the goal of a free and democratic Middle East into a reality Now that we have brought peace to Iraq, "saved lives and redeemed the enslaved," now that we are restoring security and stability, we are ready to help the Iraqis "establish a new citadel of free minds and free markets.

One resolve the secretary did not express, however, was finding Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, those very weapons he so intensely and with "great accuracy" described at the UN last fall when he made his formidable case, believed by the entire world, for a preemptive war against Iraq.

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Neither did he mention Osama bin Laden even though "al Qaeda remains a great danger. Powell's post-surgery syndrome should account for this lapse.

ga170 business plan

We were also thankful to learn that "Americans are safer as begins than they were a year ago.QualifaX the Irish National courses database. This is the one stop shop for all courses information in any sector in Ireland. As well as detailed information on all courses the site carries extensive career selection information.

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