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Market research explained

Five years into the economic recovery, things are looking up for young adults in the U. Unemployment is down, full-time work is up and wages have modestly rebounded. But, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of U.

Census Bureau data, these improvements in the labor market have not led to more Millennials living apart from their families. But the number heading their own Market research explained has not increased. In the first third of about Inbefore the recession began, about Meanwhile, the national unemployment rate for adults ages 18 to 34 declined to 7.

Other standard benchmarks also demonstrate that nationally the young adult labor market has strengthened. Both job-holding and full-time employment have increased since In addition, median weekly earnings among young adult workers are up marginally: In fact, the number of young adults heading their own households is no higher in 25 million than it was before the recession began in The decline in independent living since the recovery began is apparent Market research explained both better-educated young adults and their less-educated counterparts.

A similar 2 percentage point slide in independent living is apparent among to year-olds with no education beyond high school. This suggests that trends in young adult living arrangements are not being driven by labor market fortunes, as college-educated young adults have experienced a stronger labor market recovery than less-educated young adults.

Trends in living arrangements also show no significant gender differences during the recovery. But a similar gender difference existed during the Great Recession, and both young men and young women are less likely to live independently today than they were five years ago.

No Recovery in Young Adult Living Arrangements The latest available census data indicate that there has been no significant increase in the number of young adults living independently of their families since the economic recovery officially began. As of the first four months of This is no different than the Over the course of the recession and recovery the share of young adults living independently has also declined.

Market research explained

Conducted jointly by the U. The file has about three times the sample size of a basic monthly file, or aboutrespondents ages 16 and older. Furthermore, all respondents in the MORG have detailed information on their hourly or weekly earnings and usual weekly hours.

A basic monthly file only has this information for a quarter of the respondents. Helpful documentation is available at http: As discussed further in the Appendixthe information for calendar year is based on a file using the January, February, March and April basic monthly CPS files, which is referred to as the first third of Due to seasonality issues, the first third of may not be strictly comparable to the complete MORG files.

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A doubled-up household is one in which there is an extra adult who is not the spouse or unmarried partner of the household head. Young adults living in doubled-up arrangements are of two types. Young adults not living independently are doubled-up because the young adult constitutes the extra adult.

In addition, young adults living independently may also be doubled-up if they live with a roommate s. Accompanying the growth in doubling-up has been a lack of growth in the number of households established by young adults.

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In the first third of25 million Millennials headed their own households, no greater than the This has happened at the same time that the absolute number of to year-olds has increased from Because of the recession, there are substantially fewer households than would have been predicted based on population growth; using CPS data through an economist estimated that the shortfall in the number of young adult households accounted for almost three-quarters of the total 2.

Four years later, the rate at which they are forming households is no higher than it was in Young Adults and the Labor Market Since the Great Recession The decline in independent living during the recovery has occurred in the context of a substantial, albeit incomplete, recovery of the labor market for young adults.

As of the first third ofunemployment among young adults in this age group was 7. However, it was still above the 6. The unemployment rate only applies to those who are in the labor force and actively seeking work, thus excluding those who may have dropped out because they lost hope of finding a job.

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Market research explained

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