Minimum wage speech

And besides, common sense is overrated, how you prove an assertion is to actually look at real numbers and statistics on the matter instead of just coming up with an answer to the question, claim is common sense, and just call it the truth. Not that long ago we though that the sun gravitated around the earth, and it was common sense, off course we saw with our own eyes how the sun moved across the sky, not until we analyzed it in a scientific manner we found that common sense was wrong. The point is supply and demand should dictate wages.

Minimum wage speech

SpongeBob [30] SquarePants [30] born July 14[31] is the main protagonist and eponymous character of the Nickelodeon animated comedy series of the same name. He was designed by former marine biologist and animator Stephen Hillenburgand is voiced by Tom Kenny.

He first appears in the series' pilot episode " Help Wanted. He works as a fry cook at the Krusty Kraba job in which he is exceptionally skilled. Puff's Boating Schoolthough has yet to receive a driver's license due to his inability to drive a boatmobile.

SpongeBob lacks a lot of knowledge and is a constant annoyance to those around him, but he is very good-natured. He appears in all of the episodes in the series, except for " The Algae's Always Greener ," in which his alternate-universe counterpart appears instead.

He was soon to be Nickelodeon's main mascot. Contents [ show ] Description SpongeBob is a sea sponge, but he is drawn to resemble a kitchen sponge, being rectangular and light yellow with a light olive-green outline. In earlier episodes, he is wider near the top and gets skinnier going further down.

However, in the more recent episodes, he is more of a regular square shape.

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SpongeBob has large light blue eyes, a long, slightly curved nose, a large mouth with two prominent front buck teeth, dimples with three freckles on each cheek, and light olive-green pores. Although vaguely seen in the series, he has light yellow hair, as seen on his driver's license and in the episode " The Sponge Who Could Fly.

He typically wears a white shirt with a scarlet-red tie, black leather shoes with white shoelaces, white socks with blue and red stripes, and brown rectangular pants with a black belt the entire outfit is sometimes referred to as his "pants," hence his name.

While working at the Krusty Krab, he wears a tall, white hat with a small blue anchor on it as a uniform. SpongeBob usually sleeps in his underwear, and at other times, pajamas beginning with season 5.

Minimum wage speech

However, he occasionally sleeps with his entire outfit on, which was more common in the show's earlier seasons. Though SpongeBob has always been voiced by Tom Kenny, his voice has changed over the course of the series; his voice is lower than normal in the pilot episode and after the the first moviehis voice gets slightly higher-pitched.

In season 8his voice gets lower-pitched once again. Personality SpongeBob is a clueless, abnormal, immature, fun-loving, and hyperactive person with a happy-go-lucky personality. He is extremely determined and will often stop at nothing to accomplish a task.

He is also somewhat dramatic to the people who are kind to him: Sometimes, though, he shows his devious side when trying to get Mr.

Krabs and Plankton to work together. He is a very selfless and loyal person, especially towards those close to him. His selfless nature is most notably shown in " Best Day Ever ," where he sacrifices his "perfect day" to help his friends.Wage and Hour Division (WHD) Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act (MSPA) Overview.

The Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act (MSPA) protects migrant and seasonal agricultural workers by establishing employment standards related to wages, housing, transportation, disclosures and recordkeeping.

'Min wage (R) to cause retrenchments, but for many it’ll be a big relief'

With the national minimum wage we will see retrenchments we could potentially see businesses close down especially in the drought-stricken Western Cape — Nicolette Nicholson, SA.

Minimum wages. Overview; Who determines minimum wages? What is a national minimum wage order? What is the current national minimum wage? Employees covered by a modern award. The workers who’d benefit from a minimum wage increase often work full-time, often in physically demanding jobs.

They average 35 years of age. Most low-paying jobs are held by women. The province’s plans to increase minimum wage to as much as $15 per hour by will see wages paid to entry level workers rise faster than they have in more than four decades.

As many jurisdictions move to implement a $an-hour minimum wage, a new study is out showing that higher minimum wages have increased poverty in poor neighborhoods.

Minimum wage speech

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Delaware lawmakers approve $1 minimum wage increase - Washington Times