Nectar in a sieve

The admirable thing is that she crafted an international best-seller out of the story of a simple woman who never loses her faith in life or her love for her husband and children—despite her long, unceasing battle against nature, changing times, and dire poverty.

Nectar in a sieve

At the very onset Ruku a nickname for Rukmani launches into her life-story, describing what it means to be desperate and poverty stricken in rural 20th century India.

Nectar in a sieve

Rukmani begins her flashback reflecting on her marriage to Nathan. Ruku was the fourth daughter of a once-important village headman. As their wealth and status dwindled, it was hard to scrape together a dowry money or possessions a woman would bring to her husband when married for Ruku.

As a result this fourth daughter was married to Nathan, a poor tenant farmer with no land, but a noble man nonetheless with heart of gold. Ruku settles into a simple farming life very happily, as Nathan is kind and loving with her. The main problem, though, is that she has had only one child, a daughter named Ira, after six years of marriage.

Ruku desperately wants sons, Nectar in a sieve giving birth to boys is a point of pride in Indian culture. So she pours her heart out to Kenny, a white doctor whom our protagonist first met when he was helping her dying mother.

Ruku undergoes fertility treatment despite the fact that she never mentions it to her husband, Nathan. The family is happy enough, but with all these new mouths to feed, money is tight. Big changes arrive with the construction of a tannery, where animal skins are cured.

The noisy process disturbs Ruku, as she watches her home transformed from a quiet village to a dirty town. Other big changes come as Ira grows older and turns fourteen, the traditional age of marriage.

A friendly member of the village, Old Granny, finds Ira a nice match through the common practice of arranged marriage. It seems as if the heavens are crying out in agony at the departure of the only daughter.

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The family faces near-starvation for the first time, but get to eat again when the rains end. Nathan and the sons harvest rice and hunt fish living in the wet fields. The tannery jobs are good for a while though, and bring in some much-needed money. As a result the relative financial security the family experiences, they decide to celebrate the Festival of Lights, Deepavali Deepavali.

On that joyous night, Ruku conceives her last baby. One evening she is caught on a late night visit to Kenny by Kunthi, her old neighbor. During their brief conversation Ruku realizes that Kunthi has turned to prostitution. Ruku begins to realize that Ira maybe never leave home.

She encounters more grief when her educated sons start a strike at the tannery, petitioning for better wages. Ira is moody, the boys now out of work because of scabs at the tannery have grown sullen and distant, and Ruku feels like she no longer knows her children.

Ruku has "lost" another son too, as Kenny has found her third boy, Murugan, work as a servant in a distant city.

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More ills befall the family. They sell off all their goods but save their seedhoping to make up half the rent for the land. Right after, she realizes the other half of food that remained is gone too.

In an emotional exchange, Nathan reveals Kunthi extorted the rest of the rice from him. Kunthi threatened to reveal the fact that two of her sons were fathered by Nathan.

Ruku and Nathan forgive each other, the air is clear between them, and yet they still face starvation. His body is brought home. Soon after, tannery men visit to explain the death. Apparently Raja was trying to steal a calfskin and was so weak from hunger, that he fell dead when they beat him in punishment.Nectar in a Sieve is the sad story of a large poverty-stricken Hindu family in a remote rural village in southern India.

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Science Dictionary, Glossary and Terms: Corrosive - Is the wearing away of the surface of a metal by chemical reactions with oxygen and water. When a metal reacts with substances around it, such as water or air, it corrodes. At its heart, Nectar in a Sieve is a story about suffering and our response to it.

The protagonist is an aging Indian woman looking back over her long life and reflecting on her fate as well as her choices/5. Relevance ranks synonyms and suggests the best matches based on how closely a synonym’s sense matches the sense you selected.

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