Open source agile project management

Scrum Scrum is an iterative and incremental agile software development methodology for managing product development. The product backlog is what will ultimately be delivered, ordered into the sequence in which it should be delivered. Product Backlogs are broken into manageable, executable chunks named sprints.

Open source agile project management

Open source agile project management

PLAY 1 Understand what people need We must begin digital projects by exploring and pinpointing the needs of the people who will use the service, and the ways the service will fit into their lives. Whether the users are members of the public or government employees, policy Open source agile project management must include real people in their design process from the beginning.

The needs of people — not constraints of government structures or silos — should inform technical and design decisions. We need to continually test the products we build with real people to keep us honest about what is important.

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What user needs will this service address? Why does the user want or need this service? Which people will have the most difficulty with the service? Which research methods were used? What were the key findings? How were the findings documented?

Where can future team members access the documentation? How often are you testing with real people? PLAY 2 Address the whole experience, from start to finish We need to understand the different ways people will interact with our services, including the actions they take online, through a mobile application, on a phone, or in person.

Checklist Understand the different points at which people will interact with the service — both online and in person Identify pain points in the current way users interact with the service, and prioritize these according to user needs Design the digital parts of the service so that they are integrated with the offline touch points people use to interact with the service Develop metrics that will measure how well the service is meeting user needs at each step of the service Key Questions What are the different ways both online and offline that people currently accomplish the task the digital service is designed to help with?

Where are user pain points in the current way people accomplish the task? Where does this specific project fit into the larger way people currently obtain the service being offered? What metrics will best indicate how well the service is working for its users?

Checklist Use a simple and flexible design style guide for the service. Web Design Standards as a default Use the design style guide consistently for related digital services Give users clear information about where they are in each step of the process Follow accessibility best practices to ensure all people can use the service Provide users with a way to exit and return later to complete the process Use language that is familiar to the user and easy to understand Use language and design consistently throughout the service, including online and offline touch points Key Questions What primary tasks are the user trying to accomplish?

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Is the language as plain and universal as possible? What languages is your service offered in? If a user needs help while using the service, how do they go about getting it? PLAY 4 Build the service using agile and iterative practices We should use an incremental, fast-paced style of software development to reduce the risk of failure.

A critical capability is being able to automatically test and deploy the service so that new features can be added often and be put into production easily. How long does it take for a production deployment? Which version control system is being used? How are bugs tracked and tickets issued?

What tool is used? How is the feature backlog managed? How often do you review and reprioritize the feature and bug backlog?

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How do you collect user feedback during development? How is that feedback used to improve the service? At each stage of usability testing, which gaps were identified in addressing user needs?

Open source agile project management

PLAY 5 Structure budgets and contracts to support delivery To improve our chances of success when contracting out development work, we need to work with experienced budgeting and contracting officers.

In cases where we use third parties to help build a service, a well-defined contract can facilitate good development practices like conducting a research and prototyping phase, refining product requirements as the service is built, evaluating open source alternatives, ensuring frequent delivery milestones, and allowing the flexibility to purchase cloud computing resources.

What are the key deliverables? What are the milestones? How frequent are they? What are the performance metrics defined in the contract e. PLAY 6 Assign one leader and hold that person accountable There must be a single product owner who has the authority and responsibility to assign tasks and work elements; make business, product, and technical decisions; and be accountable for the success or failure of the overall service.

This product owner is ultimately responsible for how well the service meets needs of its users, which is how a service should be evaluated.

The product owner is responsible for ensuring that features are built and managing the feature and bug backlogs.One-page scrum project management with Scrum Process backlog with story Map, affinity table, sprint backlog tool, scrum board and burndown.

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License ScrumDo is released under version of the GNU LGPL. Developer information. ScrumDo-dev Google Group The place to discuss development of the site.; Development Environment Set Up Learn how to set up a development environment so you can modify ScrumDo; Developer Notes Some notes to help orient developers.; Project Goals / Manifesto The current vision of ScrumDo.

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