Religion in animal farm real or

The story is told by an all-knowing narrator in the third person. The action of this novel starts when the oldest pig on the farm, Old Major, calls all animals to a secret meeting. He tells them about his dream of a revolution against the cruel Mr Jones.

Religion in animal farm real or

Nature Wisdom From the beginning of life there has been an outward path of evolution and differentiation, but at the same time there has been a path of return to the fountainhead of life. The return path leads to spiritual actualization and freedom.

By retracing our psycho-genetic make-up we are able to actualize all that is within ourselves so that we become who we really are, recognizing and manifesting the gifts, talents, and knowledge that are the basis of individuality. These gifts have a magnetic power that attracts people who have not actualized their own talents.

Our own ego can become involved in desires for advantage from others if we are not careful. We must also overcome this magnetic power. Otherwise, our egos will make us insufferable beings. When we have actualized our internal contents and learned not to identify with them in a personal way we have the opportunity to conjoin with the Spirit that hovers over the waters of potentiality at the inception of time and personality.

After this we return to the world an actualized vessel through which the spirit works.

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This threefold path of self-actualization, egoic death, and rebirth in the Spirit is built into the fabric of our genes and into the natural world. The trail is recorded in the alphabet of Nature, the plants and animals, stones and rivers, each of which tells a story of properties needing actualization, or challenges needing to be overcome, or lives needing rebirth.

Nature is a living being filled with Wisdom. This path has always been with us since the beginning of time and therefore it is called the Old, Old Path. Very few take it now. When I was there I saw a barely visible indentation in the leaves on the forest floor, proclaiming to the trained eye that someone, some time had taken that path.

In many cultures life is said to have arisen in the primordial waters. Scientists believe that life originated in the primordial waters of ancient earth.

It is not true, just a myth

In the Bible, the Spirit of God broods over the waters to create. The primordial waters represent the source of genetic life. We need to retrace our genetic existence back to the origins of creation itself, if we desire to return to the primal waters on the Old, Old Path.

We must relive and release attachment to our personal, familial, and racial prejudices. Tracing back through our genes or ancestors we release our unconscious programming.

Some of this is worthless, but most constitutes qualities that we need to manifest in our social lives. Visionary space intersects with practical existence and therefore the primordial waters can be a real place, not just an idea. For me, the primordial waters are a lake I visited several times as a canoe guide in my early twenties.

It sits on the international boundary, as it happens.

Religion in animal farm real or

I always felt a mysterious presence in the wind that rustled over the reedy marshes and waters of that lake. Many years latter I returned with a friend of mine, an Indian man whose family had a cabin on the lake.

It was also for him a sacred place: This was not because they came down from the stars or up from the underworld on that spot but because they were traders living at the halfway spot on a great inland water highway that transversed the continent.Guide to justifications for harming and exploiting animals.

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1 It doesn't harm animals to kill them 2 It doesn't harm animals to take their eggs 3 It doesn't harm animals to take their milk. Summary. The story takes place on a farm somewhere in England. The story is told by an all-knowing narrator in the third person. The action of this novel starts when the oldest pig on the farm, Old Major, calls all animals to a secret meeting.

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Why did George Orwell write Animal Farm as a fable? 1 educator answer In Animal Farm by George Orwell, who is the smartest animal on the farm and why? Animal Farm Theme of Religion. BACK; NEXT (Click the themes infographic to download.) Karl Marx may have said that religion was the opiate of the masses, but he also said that it was the "sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless condition." In other words, it just might be the only thing that .

Animal rights is the idea in which some, or all, non-human animals are entitled to the possession of their own lives and that their most basic interests—such as the need to avoid suffering—should be afforded the same consideration as similar interests of human beings.. Its advocates oppose the assignment of moral value and fundamental protections on the basis of species membership alone.

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Religion in animal farm real or

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