The searchers 1956 essay

Of major concern to Masayesva, is the commodification of Indians and Indian culture. This film was not made for a mass audience, and it is packed with complicated issues. As a Hopi filmmaker, Masayesva feels a responsibility to his culture's traditions.

The searchers 1956 essay

AFI's 10 Top 10 — No. A major theme of the film is the historical attitude of white settlers toward Native Americans.

Ford was not the first to attempt this examination cinematically, but his depiction of harshness toward Native Americans was startling, particularly to later generations of viewers; Roger Ebert wrote, "I think Ford was trying, imperfectly, even nervously, to depict racism that justified genocide.

From the beginning of his quest, it is clear that he is less interested in rescuing Debbie than in wreaking vengeance on the Comanches for the slaughter of his brother's family. The Indian didn't welcome the white man If he has been treated unfairly by whites in films, that, unfortunately, was often the case in real life.

There was much racial prejudice in the West. Never do we see the Indians commit atrocities more appalling than those perpetrated by the white man. For each son, I take many Early on, Martin earns a sour look from Ethan when he admits to being one eighth Cherokee. Ethan says repeatedly that he will kill his niece rather than have her live "with a buck", that "living with the Comanche ain't living".

Even one of the film's gentler characters, Vera Miles's Laurie, tells Martin when he explains he must protect his adoptive sister, that "Ethan will put a bullet in her brain.

I tell you Martha would want him to. An important plot undercurrent is the obvious mutual attraction between Ethan Edwards and his brother's wife, Martha.

Although no dialog alludes to it, there are a multitude of visual references to their relationship throughout the film. Such a situation would add further layers of nuance to Ethan's obsessive search for Debbie, his revulsion at the thought that she might be living as an Indian, and his ultimate decision to bring her home—and then walk away.

Beyond the ostensible motivations, it might depict a guilt-ridden father's need to save the daughter he made by cuckolding his brother, then abandoned. David Lean watched the film repeatedly while preparing for Lawrence of Arabia to help him get a sense of how to shoot a landscape.

Episode II — Attack of the Clones. In the film, Anakin Skywalker learns that one of his family members has been abducted by a group of Tusken Raiders though it is the character's mother who is kidnapped, rather than a niece.

The searchers 1956 essay

Anakin massacres the kidnappers in vengeance, much like The Searchers' climactic battle in the Comanche camp. However, co-director Zacharias Kunuk discarded the original's plot about conflicts between white people and indigenous peoples, instead using only Inuit characters.

Kunuk explained racism was not an intended theme of his film. Gleichfirst produced by Norte Maar for Collaborative Projects in the Arts, was inspired by the film.Sep 22,  · The Searchers signifies a defining moment in Ford’s filmography where he ceases to purport that the push across the Plains and over the Rockies was a dreamily romantic voyage of cultural discovery and accomplishment, and instead suggests, even if Hollywood was not prepared to listen, that there are consequences.4/4.

The Searchers: Essays and Reflections on John Ford s Classic Western brings historians and film scholars together to cover the major critical issues of this film as seen through a contemporary regardbouddhiste.coms: 6.

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The searchers 1956 essay

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View Essay - Film Analysis Paper from CIN at Burlington County College. Burlington County College FILM ANALYSIS The Searchers () Kevin J. McGuire American Cinema /.

In many ways a traditional western, The Searchers () is considered by critics as one of the greatest Hollywood films, made by the most influential of western directors.

But John Ford’s classic work, in its complexity and ambiguity, was a product of post-World War II American culture and sparked the deconstruction of the western film myth by looking unblinkingly at white racism and. The Searchers is a western directed by John Ford in the year and starring John Wayne as the main protagonist of Ethan Edwards, a Civil War veteran who embarks on a long and arduous journey to rescue his kidnapped niece from the Comanche tribe.

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