Vark learning style essay example

Individualization of instructional method does not contribute significantly to learning outcomes although it is known that students have differing learning styles LSs.

Vark learning style essay example

Vark learning style essay example

Learning Individuals have pathways that are specific to them, when information enters those pathways the information is retaining in short-term memory.

Repeated exposure and use, promote retention in long-term memory. We will write a custom essay sample on Vark Learning Styles or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER Even though I learn, in so many different ways, my preferred style is to read and write and I use the other strategies as the additional support for my enhanced learning experience, which sounds very true because I like to read books and do some research before I attend class.

I take notes in points, record the lecture on the recorder so I can hear it again. In addition, I learn by discussing with people about my topics and assignment to get better understanding of it.

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I also learn with experiments like trying out a recipe to be able to remember and make changes accordingly. Having a detailed insight of my own learning styles and strategies that I have built upon since my childhood is a helpful tool in using my time and energy effectively.

In comparing my preferred learning strategies and identified learning strategies I would say that, there are some similarities and some differences, for example in aural, similarity is that, there is a suggestion to use recorder which I already use but the difference is that, I have always recorded teachers lectures and never recorded my self.

Vark learning style essay example

Lastly, in my kinesthetic way of learning, I used trial and error and experiments to learn better and the suggested strategies state the same. In addition, I should relate the topics with real life examples and case studies to grasp the concept even deeper.

By taking this questionnaire, I have recognized and understood my learning styles and strategies even better and I learned new strategies within my learning styles that I was unaware of before taking this questionnaire.

In my aural learning style, I learned that I can even record my self talking about the topic and listen to it again later, saying the answers out loud will also help when I am trying to recall my voices. Also learned that by pretending to talk to my examiner or instructor will give me deeper insight of the topic.

Using the quiet places for studying will be beneficial to be able to recall the voices in my head about the topic. Writing the notes in the form of multiple choice questions and essays and rewriting the essays in different words will be helpful too.Gm food essay quizlet example essay about university vocation define thesis research paper sample descriptive essay japanese essay teaching and learning vark strategies country essay examples for muet disadvantages of smoking essay richard tour and travel essay competition book review of job school of education essay definitions, television.

The fact that you're reading this article shows that you have an appetite for learning and improving your skills. But even if you're happy to scroll through words on a screen, is that the best learning style .

Vark learning styles ppt presentation.


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Sat reading practice. The VARK (visual, aural, read/write, kinesthetic) questionnaire is a guide to learning styles, an assessment of how one learns best. It was designed by Neil Fleming in It is a sixteen question assessment that provides those who take it with a specific profile of their learning style or .

Essay Vark Analysis. VARK Analysis VARK Analysis Family Health Promotion August 12, VARK Analysis There are several methods used to determine learning styles.

“A learning style is, rather, a description of a process, or of preferences. Learning style refers to the primary mode a child uses to obtain information about the world around him.

Although nearly every child gathers information in more than one way, each has a preferred mode that makes learning easier.

VARK: A Guide to Learning Styles Analysis Paper | Essay Example