Write a program to reverse a number using shell script

However, if the user will assign unknown values to an environment variable, the shell will create another shell variable similar to the environment variable in the local context of the script but it will not affect the behaviour of other applications.

Write a program to reverse a number using shell script

WonderHowTo One of the best ways to improve your skills as a hacker is to learn to combine different avenues of attack to achieve success. What if it were possible to get a victim to connect to our machine and execute a chosen payload on our behalf?

write a program to reverse a number using shell script

This is indeed possible with the almighty Metasploit and the aid of a technique known as command injection. Today, we will be using Kali Linux and Metasploit to attack the vulnerable web application DVWAincluded as part of the Metasploitable 2 virtual machine.

Web Delivery Overview Metasploit contains a useful module that hosts a payload on a server created on the attacking machine. The web delivery script is run once the target machine connects to the server and the payload is then executed. The server and payload are both hosted on the attacking machine, so when the exploit is carried out, there is nothing written to disk on the target, making it less likely to trigger antivirus applications and other defenses.

The one caveat of this exploit is that it needs a means of executing commands on the target to kick the script off.

One possible method that is ideal for this situation is command injection. Command Injection Primer Command injection is a type of attack in which arbitrary operating system commands are executed on the host via a vulnerable web application.

Usually, this occurs when an application passes unsafe user input from a form to the server, but this can also happen with cookiesHTTP headers, and other sources of data. This type of vulnerability is especially dangerous because of the intrinsic power of system commands.

Depending on the level of privilege an application is running with, command injection can lead to an attacker owning an entire system. Next, browse to the "DVWA Security" tab and set the security level to "low" to make sure our exploit is run without any hiccups when we're ready.

For this attack to work, we have to ensure that the target application can communicate with our local machine. We can take advantage of the default functionality of this page to ping our attacking machine. Just enter the IP address and hit "submit. We can do so by appending an operating system command to the IP address we entered.

We can see that the application responded with the contents of the current directory at the bottom, which means that a command injection vulnerability does indeed exist. We will take advantage of this to launch our web delivery script next.

We can load the web delivery module with the following command. This must be an address on the local machine or 0. Please note that for this module to work correctly, the target needs to be set before the payload is chosen.

Type show targets to get a list of available options. Perform each command as shown below in order. For set target, it's an ID from the list above. For set lhost, it's the listening host address.

And for set lport, it's our listening port. Type run at the prompt to start the exploit. The server on our local machine will start. The last line provided by running the exploit, as seen below, is important because it shows the command that needs to be executed on the target system.

Run the Attack We can use the command injection vulnerability that we discovered earlier as an easy means of attacking. If everything goes according to plan, once we hit "submit," our payload will execute and a Meterpreter session will be opened.

Back in the terminal, we can see that this is exactly what happens. We can also drop into a shell by using the shell command.

Shell Scripting - Write a shell script to identify the given string is palindrome or not?. 26 Answers are available for this question. Find more on Write a shell script to reverse a number supplied by a user Or get search suggestion and latest updates. Daniel Evans author of Write a shell script to reverse a number supplied by a user is from London, United Kingdom. Aug 27,  · BSD, Linux, and UNIX shell scripting — Post awk, bash, csh, ksh, perl, php, python, sed, sh, shell scripts, and other shell scripting languages questions here.

By exploiting command injection in a vulnerable web application, we were able to execute our web delivery script and get a shell on the target without writing anything to disk.

Wrapping Up In this tutorial, we learned a bit about command injection, Metasploit's web delivery script, and how to combine the two into an effective method of attack. Since this exploit avoids writing anything to disk, it increases the chances of success in evading antivirus solutions. In the world of security, there are often many creative ways to combine different techniques to achieve results, all you have to do is look.Reversing a Number program follows the same logic of a Palindrome program, but here we will not check the condition whether the given number is Palindrome or not.

Shell This article provides source code of Shell Program to Reverse a Number. Shell program to read a number and reverse the number # store number in reverse order.

rev = "" # store original number. loop method, mathematics, remainder, shell loops, shell program, shell script, while loop.

9 comment. Manojit Chakraborty says: March 11, at pm. it worked for regardbouddhiste.com I want to use a function,what change. Hi! This article is the second part of the Howtoforge shell scripting tutorial series.

By this time, I assume that you have read the first part of the series and know how to create a simple script and execute it. In the second part, you will learn how accept inputs from the user and process them through shell scripting.

Write a C program to reverse the digits of a positive integer number. For example, if the number is entered, the number displayed should be (Hint: Use a do statement and continuously strip off and display the units digit of the number.

Nov 23,  · If you want to write a play script, then you will have to write your script in that format. While they are largely similar, there are distinct differences and learning them all can take time. Read lots of scripts in your intended medium to see how the pros do regardbouddhiste.com: 3M.

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